Tip/ guidance for the young chef :Tart tatin for beginners 

I have been asked few times for a tart “Tatin” recipe , as  you know i am not a pastry chef ,and I look at things trough the eyes of a cook/ chef de cuisine .

Tart tatin is a method I always liked , so I made many tests and experiment and trust you possibilities are almost endless , when the request to share my ideas regarding tart tatin came I thought it would be great to share with you some guide lines  tips and methods , so here is a link to a PDF doc i wrote for you to which I hope will help you to achive a good result, it’s a long article and not you’re everyday recipe .

Tart tatin by Michael Katz

The main photo at the top is of the one that  i have for this article and the base is a cake base ( see article for method)

The following photo is how I have started the tart .

The following photos are to give you idea of how endless variation out there and the sky is the limit .

please feel free to ask me any question, remarks – good luck and thank you for reading



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