A little bout my self

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Michael Katz, and I’ve been a professional chef since 1991. From 2003-2006, I had the good fortune to teach full-time at the Le Cordon Bleu school in London, a culinary school that was founded in France in 1895 and that has a number of branches throughout the world. While I taught there, I began to understand how important it was for me to pass along the little knowledge that I had accumulated—and continue to accumulate—to cooks and chefs just beginning their journey.

In this blog, I raise every issue that seems important to me, although the title of the blog is “Tips and Guidance for The Young Chef” (young in age, in spirit, and in experience). The blog is intended for any professional or amateur chefs that are interested in enriching their knowledge—many of my posts are written in the kitchen itself while working, others were written a number of years ago but I still think they are relevant in some way and include them here.

I hope that this will assist and contribute to future chefs—when people ask me what makes me smile and gives me the desire to come to the kitchen every morning, I say that it’s my staff, with whom we do excellent work in the kitchen. Together we learn, share, and do what we do best—give great service and cooking.

Apart from working in the kitchen, I have a great love for playing musical instruments, particularly on the drums, and I also build different types of scale models whom give lots of joy.

Thanks for reading!


For anyone interested in learning more about me, information can see my current CV.

This blog was written originally in Hebrew, and was translated into English by Zachary Garber, a freelance translator and graduate student. Zach hails from both the United States and Canada,Zach as moved  in August 2012 to Israel were he joined venture with Michael, and has now begun a Master’s in English Literature at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. to contact Zach .


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