Tip / Guidance to the young chef : the best restaurant title- food for thoughts

During the last year the National media had contacted me if I

will be willing as a leading chef to participate in an anonymous survey and share my thought,  who do  I think or  what  are the  are 3 best  restaurants in the country (I currently live in Israel ) .

In all cases (four in number) My answer was that I have no opinion and that i do not have a say in that matter!

my thoughts were that I do not possess  and have the rights (being a professional chef) to give an opinion.and here is why?

Most people have no time to check out all the restaurants especially us chef who work so many hours in the kitchen, there are so many of them scattered all around the country  that I had not seen , visited or tasted their food , concepts, and whatever that goes with it. , so to start with, my list is quite  limited to the few i  like to go when i have a little time on my hand. .

Anyway a restaurant is made up from so ” many ingredients”  and if the question is “what is the best Restaurant? ” than all restaurant must be given the same chance  – I heard about the wonderful restaurants in the south, north and more, some I followed  in the social media but never actually have been there … many of us including members of the media did not reach them for lack of time , distance etc..

on top of that as  there are so many styles today, Categories variations – and so much is based on personal opinion, so… for “one best restaurant” is for another “second best”

the point i am getting to is that I think the that title or theme best restaurant  is Passé and just to make a point in few occasions my places were in  the list of the top 10 etc…

when it comes to the top list i think that other categories can take place and that have much more deep full meanings such as:

  • most influential  Restaurants in the culinary scenes ,
  • restaurants that inspire,
  • restaurant the succeed financially,
  • restaurant with impact on the industry,
  • restaurants that are  lead by an outstanding figure and more …

The era of food blogs and bloggers, Web exposure to so many places, and our ability to move more easily and get to less routine and less known brought the end of an era”the era of the best restaurant” – there are lots and lots of good restaurants in the country and the world some of the most beloved and receive greater exposure and some less, I had the chance and privilege to live in large cities such as London, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and  Brussels where one can find thousands of restaurants so …. How do we decide?

I think the era of the “best restaurant” is behind us, but  a new era of exposure to countless places of styles, people behind the pots came into view, I can give a list of chefs that affect me and colleagues of mine, of restaurants that I always love to return to, restaurants that I dream of going to, restaurants with  vision, inspiration and more … but the best just is not there .

in the flowing photo some of the best known to be the best;


thank you for reading




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שמי מיכאל כץ טבח במקצועי מאז 1991-לא מעט תפקידים עברתי בחיי בינהם מורה בבית הספר ״ קורדון בלו ״ באנגליה שם גיליתי כמה אני אוהב ללמד ולכוון את הדור הצעיר.
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