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Guidance / tip to the young chef: cheesecake, clientele reaction and why sometimes small changes lead to big difference.

  in this short article i would like to share with young chefs (in experience, age,and soul ) with real time experience , an example for a situation we ( the professional chef ) are dealing with often in our … Continue reading

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tip /guidance to the young chef: mixing salad leaves for service.

I personally really like salads leaves, the leaves are a wonderful  raw ingredient with a variety of  textures, flavors and colors. Here are few salad dishes made with a premix salad leaves we made in the restaurant: Leaves play a … Continue reading

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Tip/guidance to the young chef : relationship between head chef and pastry chef 

The way we manage and run a Relationship can define and affect the results and outcomes in many of of our our life circles, if it’s our home, work , and friendships. In the following article I will try to … Continue reading

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Tip / Guidance to the young chef : the best restaurant title- food for thoughts

During the last year the National media had contacted me if I will be willing as a leading chef to participate in an anonymous survey and share my thought,  who do  I think or  what  are the  are 3 best … Continue reading

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Tip / Guidance to the young chef , “chartreuse ” by Carem explained.

We don’t always pay attention or give the time to seek into the history and evaluation of dishes and great chefs whom layed out the foundation for cooking as we know today . one particular chef is Antonin Carmen,whom was … Continue reading

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tip / guidance to the young chef:Few words about the woman in the kitchen- personal view

Not long a go in a close discussion group a colleague in my profession as stated / asked if there is a difference between female chef to male chef and that there are more men in the kitchen , here … Continue reading

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Tip/ Guidance to the young chef : cooking potatoes for salad

I have been asked while brining a potato salad to friends, what is the secret to achieving the texture and look that “my” potato had: Crispy  outer layer ( wall /sides) Soft texture Smooth outer layer Here is a photo … Continue reading

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