Dear Readers,

The material written here was written with the goal of providing material to new chefs, those in the midst of their career, and anyone else interested in the kitchen. The material is designed to provide solutions, give answers to questions, and inspire. All of the material written here—both what is posted directly on the blog or in the links provided (unless otherwise noted)—has been penned by the blog’s owner, Michael Katz, who reserves all rights to the material.

All of the photographic material in the blog (unless otherwise noted) was provided by the blog’s owner, Michael Katz, and all rights to the photographs are reserved by him.

I fervently request that you respect this blog and the articles included in it; if anyone is interested in utilizing material from it, I will be happy to oblige as long as a request is submitted and official permission is given.

You can contact me with any request by my personal e-mail:; or direct from the blog.

Thanks in advance to all my readers!



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