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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Michael Katz and I’ve been a professional chef since 1991. From 2003-2006, I have had the good fortune to teach full-time at the Le Cordon Bleu Institute in London – a culinary school that was founded in France in 1895 which has a number of branches around the world. While I taught there, I began to understand how important it is for me to pass along the little knowledge that I have gained and keep gaining to chefs and cooks who are just beginning their journey.

In this blog, I will raise every issue that seems important to me. Although the title of the blog is “Tips and Guidance for The Young Chef” (young in age, spirit, and experience) it is intended for all chefs, whether professional or amateur, who are interested in expanding their culinary knowledge. Many of my posts are written in the kitchen itself as I’m working, while others were written by me a number of years ago but are still included because I believe they remain relevant.

I got into the culinary field after ending my military service in Israel in 1989 where I served in the paratrooper’s reconnaissance unit for the Israeli Defense Forces. I was inspired to become a cook by my father, who prepared mine and my brother’s lunch every day for the duration of my childhood. His culinary style was exceptional, extremely meticulous and European. The materials we always had in my house were always good meat or fresh fish and fresh vegetables. With no regard to the economic situation that was at home throughout the years, the food and its quality were sacred.

I studied in Brussels for four years, working in restaurants that held either two or three Michelin stars. In Israel, I opened my own restaurant “Michael Andrew” with the restaurateur Andrew Jacobs. I have also had the pleasure of working as the head chef of the Israeli restaurant chain “Edom” and the restaurant “Haba Trattoria”, located at the Mahane Yehuda Market.

When people ask me what makes me smile and gives me the desire to come to the kitchen every morning, I say that it’s my staff, with whom we achieve excellent work in the kitchen. Together, we learn, share, and do what we do best — provide great service and food.

Besides working in the kitchen, I have a passion for playing musical instruments, particularly the drums, as well as building scale models of ships, planes, and trains.

Thanks for reading!


More information about me can be found in my CV for anyone interested, or some in Chef Michael Katz Wikipidia 

This blog was written originally in Hebrew and was translated into English by Zachary Garber, a freelance translator, and graduate student. Zach comes from both the United States and Canada, he made Aliyah to Israel in August 2012 were he joined venture with Michael and has now begun a Master’s in English Literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Contact Info.

The blog is being currently managed and translated by Anya Rubstein, a freelance translator from New York. Contact Info.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Nikolas Psilomanousakis says:

    Greetings chef ,

    I have read several posts of yours . I would like to thank you for all your effort into this and also i would love to contact you for some additional information.
    I have included my mail address so that you can send me your contact info (mail etc)

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    Regards , a young chef!

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