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Hello! From Michael, to all our young chefs

To all young chefs and any others just embarking upon their culinary journey—welcome! My name is Michael, and I’ve worked in the kitchen since 1991. The realization that sometimes the younger generation lacked guidance in the kitchen led me to write, mainly while working, material that, to me, ought to be shared—some more interesting, some less so. There are spelling mistakes, there isn’t always time for me to edit, but my goal here is clear—to share everything that could help you succeed.

Until now, I’ve uploaded these posts on my Hebrew-language blog, my Facebook page, and my professional page, but now I will be bringing them all together in this blog, entitled “Tips and Guidance for the Young Chef.” I will also upload past blog posts of mine that you may not have been able to see before. I am happy to receive any comments/enlightenment that you have to give, and I hope that this blog will help at least a few people in their fine journey through the culinary world, or even anyone who loves working in the kitchen.

Thanks for reading!




About chefmichaelkatz

שמי מיכאל כץ טבח במקצועי מאז 1991-לא מעט תפקידים עברתי בחיי בינהם מורה בבית הספר ״ קורדון בלו ״ באנגליה שם גיליתי כמה אני אוהב ללמד ולכוון את הדור הצעיר בימים אלו נשלמת הקמת בית הספר שלי לבישול על של "אטיליו" www.attilio.com
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