Tip/ guidance to the young chef – Sauce’s Texture “Nape”

Young chefs have definitely heard of the concept of “nape,” but the matter is not always clear—the word’s origin and loose translation is to wrap or cover.

In a classic kitchen, a sauce that has a good texture is usually described as—nape.

How to check:

Simply dip a spoon into the sauce and if the sauce wraps or covers the back of the spoon well, it is at its ideal texture.

Of course, anyone can set for his/her own favorite consistency, either thicker or thinner.

But at least at the start of your journey, strive for “nape.”


here are some photos of classic approach that will show you a sauces that “seats” well on the plate – they were all cooked to a “nape” consistence.

IMG_4001 IMG_4122 IMG_4138 IMG_5292 IMG_5529 IMG_5547 IMG_5711 IMG_5825 IMG_5839 IMG_5950

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