Tip / guidance to the young chef : introducing sous vide 

More and more cooks are being exposed to cooking in low temperatures and I am deliberately not referring or using the term commonly used ” molecular cooking ” that young chef like to attach to low temperature cooking.

Some like to refer to “cooking at low temperature” as “Sous vide ” this is correct as long as the item is place in a specific engineered bag that can be sealed under vacuum condition and placed in a water bath which a device called ” immersion circulator” is controlling the heat and heat and the water circulation or placed in a an oven in low temperature with steam activated etc…

When you think about the bag ” job” is to keep water in and aroma in but it’s not cooking in vacuum .

Cooking in low temperature is an “issue ” that as been researched for years and that we have a lot of gathered information and understanding either among chefs and academics.

There is a lot of information regarding cooking in low temperature ” sous vide” and sometimes it could be confusing, so I would like to share with you with the guide to “sous vide” written by Douglas Baldwin .

Douglas is not a chef but a mathematician and is approach as an mathematician makes this guide as a very practical and comfortable to use .

Even dough this guide is more for the domestic cook I think it can serve young cooks in there endeavor.

I hope you enjoy this guide here is s link :

“Douglas Baldwin – a guide to sous vide ”

Thank you for reading



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