Tip / guidance to the young chef :chicken liver parfait 

In general I rarely share recipes not because I keep the secret to my self but because the Internet is so full of recipes so I preferre to educate on other topics , but  for some reason the following recipe as been asked over and over so I am sharing with you this wonderful recipe of what is known ” chicken liver parfait ” it’s a  wonderful creamy texture which is achieved by a simple technique demonstrated below .

Parfait chicken liver:


  • 400gr chicken livers
  • 12gr salt
  • 5gr pink salt (optional)
  • 2gr ground white pepper
  • 5 eggs
  • 400gr unsalted butter  

Reduction:(this is a combination of ingredients that  will give the parfait it’s unique flavor )

  • 50gr chopped onions
  • 1gr chopped thyme
  • 75ml cognac
  • 75ml red wine
  • 1 clove garlic chopped

Lining: the lining process that is optional see explanation and photo below.

Sliced back fat or bacon



  • Combine all ingredients from reduction in pot and reduce by ½ -set aside.
  • Liquidise (in a blender) the chicken liver with the seasoning until smooth-add eggs 1 by 1.
  • Add “reduction” and gradually blend in melted butter-pass trough chinois.
  • Pour into a terrine lined with back fat or bacon or directly into  a silicon.
  • Cook at 120deg “Bain- Marie” about 1 hour until firm and core tem 73deg. 

Serve with brioche bread and pickles, onion jam…,


Here are few photos of my work of the recipe .

In the flowing photo I cooked the parfait directly in a silicon mold

In this photo I cooked in a terrin lined up with back fat .

Thank you for reading



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