Tip/Direction for the Young Chef: Pomme Soufflé (Potato Soufflé)

I would have never thought to post this topic for young cooks since I think there are more important things to learn.

However, because, more than once, cooks have come up to me and asked how to prepare pomme soufflé, including Tzvika, one of the most delightful cooks that we have on our team, and since it is present on the list of items that you need to learn, we’ve done the lesson early, and today my team learned how to make it.

Just to present an anecdote: in the years that I taught in culinary school( Le cordon Bleu – London ), there were a few lessons that all of the teachers were always a little anguished to present—and this was one of them. I admit that before the lesson I trained a lot and was very fussy about the type of potatoes I used, and I almost went in my pants!
In short:

We used russet potatoes, which are rich in starch—the older the potatoes (also means the drier they are), the greater the success,today we had  great luck with the potatoes  .
What we did: we cut the potatoes to a width and thickness of 3mm and dried them very very well. We took cold oil and cooked them for 15 minutes at a temperature of 150°C while shaking the pot gently in order to separate the potatoes from one another and to make sure that they were always covered with oil. When we noticed translucence and signs of slight swelling, we immediately transferred them to hot oil at 180°C and then the potatoes swelled really nicely.
What is nice about the whole process—you can save them after the second frying in the fridge and then fry them again—they’ll shrink and then swell up again.
Why that works: The first heating “mashes” up the inside of the potato (the cells burst, and water and air are confined between two thin layers that cause the potato to become elastic). The second frying causes the swelling—steam from the water and pressure from the air that wants to escape cause the potato to swell up.
Here is a link to a video to someone who is truly an a real master !!

Here are some photo I made in the kitchen during the tutorial of my team in the order of preparation.



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