Tip/ Guidance to the young chef : cooking potatoes for salad

I have been asked while brining a potato salad to friends, what is the secret to achieving the texture and look that “my” potato had:

  1. Crispy  outer layer ( wall /sides)
  2. Soft texture
  3. Smooth outer layer

Here is a photo to emphasize

So what have I done us no secret just a simple process to follow.

  1. I have peeled the potato
  2. Cut it into approx 1.5 cm cubes ( size can vary according to your preferences.)
  3. Placed it in a pot containing cold water.
  4. Added approx 5% of the water volume white vinegar ( apple, white wine, or any other white vinegar to your choice / red vinegar will work but will also stain the potato .)
  5. Brought to the boil and directly  lowered to simmering point.
  6. Cooked till I liked the texture of the cubes .

Why did it work

  1. First of all, I chose a waxy potato in my case a “desire” type , they are more densed and tend to break less in cooking because of there higher starch content.
  2. The cooking was done in a simmering ” temperature ” which prevented the cuts bouncing in the pot damaging each others side .
  3. The vinegar : acid tends to have an effect on the structure of starch, in our case it makes it more “solid” and that helps to maintain a crisp smooth sides.

You can add salt , sugar or other spices or condiments to the  water that the potato are been cooked , but what is written above is the basics.

This cooking method can serve not only salad but also any other dish that a specific desired texture is wanted.

Here are links two more articles that refer to the use of potatoes .

Potato soufflé explained

Variations on Vichyssoise soup 

Hope it helps and thank you for reading



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