tip / guidance to the young chef:Few words about the woman in the kitchen- personal view

581532_288647404574127_1129659666_nNot long a go in a close discussion group a colleague in my profession as stated / asked if there is a difference between female chef to male chef and that there are more men in the kitchen , here was my answer:

One of the reasons that there are more men chefs in the kitchen lies the the fact that the first (,and I will not go into much detailed history) guilds of chefs and kitchen brigade general idea originated in the military.

Just for curiosity’s the classic chef’s jacket with two rows of buttons based on the model of Turkish military shirt.

Usually when women have appropriated careers that were defined by men they have usually proven to succeed just as the men or even better (of course we can not make generalizations ) we saw that with woman surgeon,woman pilots,woman lawyers and many other professions – By nature I really highly appreciate girls who chose to go for careers that are related for man, the women many times has to deal with stupid egos of men – (its not by coincidence when i decided to take flying lesson I chose a school ran by a woman pilot – with out offending anyone).

As one who had , has and gets the chance employ women in my kitchens, teach a lot of both men and women, and eat in the kitchens ran by women – I must say that usually those who do chose and stay in the profession do not fall by anything ,not even the excuse of fatigue and long hours,a woman that have chosen the profession – in general knows she is entering the world with high ego of male cooks so there for she is already in the state of mind to defend her status and prove her way up the ladder so woman that have decided to stay in the harsh kitchen world are usually just as good or sorry guys better!


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שמי מיכאל כץ טבח במקצועי מאז 1991-לא מעט תפקידים עברתי בחיי בינהם מורה בבית הספר ״ קורדון בלו ״ באנגליה שם גיליתי כמה אני אוהב ללמד ולכוון את הדור הצעיר.
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