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tip / guidance to the young chef:Few words about the woman in the kitchen- personal view

Not long a go in a close discussion group a colleague in my profession as stated / asked if there is a difference between female chef to male chef and that there are more men in the kitchen , here … Continue reading

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Tips and Guidance for the Young Cook: An Exercise in Dish Presentation

The subject of presentation is one which occupies many cooks. Cooks who are just starting out, in many cases, invest and think more about presentation than about understanding the foundations. That’s fine, I was also like that—and it’s clear why, … Continue reading

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Direction/Tip for the Young Chef: Understanding the Classic “soufflé vs chocolate fondant”

Lately I have noticed to many confusion between classic dishes so I  want to place a little order into terms connected with the culinary world, this time I want to reference the difference between  the “classic soufflé”  and the “chocolate … Continue reading

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