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Tip / Guidance for the Young Chef : The Relationship Between a Head chef and the Pastry Chef 

The way we manage our relationships may heavily influence the outcomes of many of our social circles, whether at work, home or with the people we choose to spend time with. In the following article, I will try to provide … Continue reading

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Tip/Guidance for the Young Chef: A Few Words About the Woman in the Kitchen – Personal View

Not long ago in a discussion group a colleague of mine stated that there are more men in the kitchen and asked whether there is a difference between female chefs and male chefs, here was my answer: One of the … Continue reading

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Tips and Guidance for the Young Chef: The Relationship between a Chef and Customer from a Slightly Different Perspective

  Sometimes as cooks we forget that we are, in fact, service personnel; over the years, we gain experience, something which brings us higher-ranking positions. At the same time, customers know us, cherish us, trust our work, connect with our … Continue reading

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Tip/ Guidance to the young chef : What is a Chef?

  At the end of this introduction you’ll find a  short article that I wrote on the subject—it’s a topic that young cooks like to ask about, debate, and raise with me all the time. Introduction: For young cooks, there … Continue reading

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Tip / Guidance for the young chef: On planning a menu and more…for young chefs

Generally, when I upload a new blog post for young chefs, it is because I have a momentary desire to share a topic that seems relevant or because young chefs have approached me about the topic. The topic of building … Continue reading

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